Wednesday, December 2, 2009

12/2/2009 WOW !

Started off as just a regular day. Mom took the day off as she wouldn't have anyone to ride with her and Dad went to work. We usually have our DR's appointments early in the morning, but for some reason we decided to take a later appointment...
So We went to the Dr's to have our weekly checkup and the dr was a bit worried about your mom's blood pressure and decided to have us check in that night to induce your labor.
SO we went home, got our stuff, headed to chickfila for dinner and then came to the hospital to check in. Poor Izzy had to goto Grandma and Grandpa Sewells house to spend the night.
So we got checked in, got blood work started, got hooked up to all the little machines that were listening to your heart beat and watching moms contractions and then.......