Wednesday, December 2, 2009

12/2/2009 WOW !

Started off as just a regular day. Mom took the day off as she wouldn't have anyone to ride with her and Dad went to work. We usually have our DR's appointments early in the morning, but for some reason we decided to take a later appointment...
So We went to the Dr's to have our weekly checkup and the dr was a bit worried about your mom's blood pressure and decided to have us check in that night to induce your labor.
SO we went home, got our stuff, headed to chickfila for dinner and then came to the hospital to check in. Poor Izzy had to goto Grandma and Grandpa Sewells house to spend the night.
So we got checked in, got blood work started, got hooked up to all the little machines that were listening to your heart beat and watching moms contractions and then.......

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Friday May 1st...Bad weekend

Ok, so what was ending up to be a great day turned out to be a weird weekend.. So 6pm Jaime calls and says hey, we are going to meet up with Richard & Melissa to have dinner at Logans. YAY steak & beer! Well at 625 i get a phone call telling me that her 98 camry is smoking. She's at 36th St N. I figure, hey just started try to get to 76 or 86th and pull into a parking lot. Well let's just say she heard a bang and got to 86th st N... But a stalled car was blocking traffic and everyone was driving slow. About 5 minutes later I showed up to check on the car. We decided to leave it for dinner and come back to it afterwards..

After dinner we came back and richard went to get some jugs of water to see if we could start it and drive it up the street to the Car place. No go, cracked radiator about 8 inches long... So we called AAA, with the card just expiring on 4/1/09 ( a month for ye math challenged ). They said sorry they couldn't help us because it was expired, to which we were like after her dad paying for this service for 19 years, you won't send a tow truck unless we renewed our service? Seriously? What is the world coming to.. Nice customer NO SERVICE!.. So we renewed, they towed and off we were...

Well the next day we were told it could cost 400-800 bucks to fix and that might not have it all fixed. So off we went to go car shopping. So here is the down thing. I have been planning for weeks, no months on how i will suprise jaime with a 2009 Nissan Murano. Well let's just say all that romantic stuff got thrown out the window! So I spent my saturday looking and test driving a car. We are the type that have already done our homework and just came in to buy the car when we got there. Cox had a VPP (Vehicle Purchase Program) with Nissan where we get "VIP" status and a no haggle/hastle discount on a car of our choice. We simply point and sign. Well lets say 6 hours and a hideaway pizza later Jaime got her birthday gift early...

ONLY Car Rules: Jack drives it on the weekend, Jaime drives it during the week, AND whenever Jaime carpools. Come on, you think I am going to let her leave our BRAND NEW 2009 MURANO parked at a gas station on the side of the road next to highway 75?!?!? R YOU STUPID? UHM NO! She can leave our ALREADY PAID FOR, READY TO TRADE IN OLD CAR!

But that's not it... So Saturday night, we sit down ready to watch some TV.... TV won't turn on... sigh.. I unplug it and plug it back in only to hear it whine and pulse as if it can't get the bulbs to kick on... NOOOOOO !!! So ok Call Best Buy, do the waranty cry, they scheduled someone to come and fix the tv on WEDNESDAY..... Does anyone work on Monday??? seriously? come on now...

And to top it all off, jaime broke the power button on the front of the home PC. I should have a part sometime next week to fix that.. Let's just hope they send the correct part!!!!

So all in all things are grand, we got a new car, hopefully the tv will be fixed tomorrow, and maybe the pc will be back on next week!

MAY is going to be so much fun!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Interesting Video

Ok so the other day I heard the guys at the radio station talking about this video, they even played a clip... Now I'm not as arrogant as the "playboy" writer, but I think i might have to put this in one of my things to try book... Ok, so i'm a diver, and i had a hard time taking the mask off under water without getting water up my nose... Come on you have more than a build up of CO2 when you dive.. It probably didn't take 7 seconds under water.. but ok.. nuff said watch the video..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday April 22, 2009 - First Dr's Visit

Ok, so today we went to the Dr. to see how this "Bubble" was doing in Jaime's belly.... But before that happened, we got sat down with a lady to talk to us about how much all this fun stuff was going to cost us and sign a contract in advanced for how much we could expect to pay.. Ok, so I really felt like I was getting screwed somewhere, but then again it's doctors and insurance companies...

Ok so the doctor visit and the ultrasound. Well what we expected to be 7 weeks might really only be 5... No biggie to me, someone should learn how to use a calculator. But the picture was taken, and it's only 5 weeks..

The proof it is only 5 weeks. After a lunch at Rib Crib with Drew, Joe, Jaime, and myself; Jaime ended up experiencing her first run at morning sickness while driving home... nuff said..

So 3 weeks till our next ultrasound and test to see if johnny 5 is actually growing... So, cross your fingers and pray for us that Johnny 5 will grow!